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om vajrasattva samaya
manu palaya
om Vajrasattva! Preserve the bond!

Vajrasattva tenopa
Vajrasattva stand with me.

tito dreedo me bha va
Be firm with me.

suto kayo me bha va
Be greatly pleased for me.

supo kayo me bhava
Deeply nourish me

anu rakto me bha va
Love me passionately

sarva siddhi me prayaccha
Grant me siddhi in all things,

sarva karma su ca me And in all actions

cittam shiya kuru hum

make my mind most excellent.

ha ha ha ha ho
(represents the 5 buddha families)

Blessed One!

sarva tathgata vajra
mame munsa
Master! Do not abandon me.

vajra bhava mahā samaya sattva
Be the Vajra-bearer, Being of the Great Bond!

ah hung phet

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